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Company Restoration

Company Restoration

We can restore a company that has been removed from the Register at Companies House.

Once a company is dissolved or struck off it no longer legally exists. As a result the bank account becomes frozen: the assets become Bona Vacantia, (i.e. they pass to The Crown); leases, insurance policies, loan and finance agreements etc. may become invalid.

If you then need to recover assets from the company – or wish to continue trading – you need to have the company restored.

This is where we can help.

Brighton Company Formations will take care of all the formalities associated with the restoration of your company:

  1. Liaising with The Courts, if required, and Companies House
  2. Drafting, submitting and replying to all forms and correspondence
  3. Ensuring that the restoration process proceeds as quickly as possible
  4. Keeping you informed of the progress of your case and there is no need for you to attend Court

We can do this for all companies incorporated in England and Wales.

We are experienced at both Restoration by a Court Order and Administrative Restoration (also known as a fast track restoration).

Whether you are an accountant looking to restore a limited company for a client, or an individual who wants to restore your own dissolved company, we can advise, help and act on your company restoration.

Cost of Restoring a Company

Administrative Restoration

This procedure can only be used if the company was struck off because documents were not filed and the company is to continue trading. Outstanding documents must be filed at Companies House together with the filing fees and late filing penalties.

Item Cost
Companies House Fees £100
Legal Fees £64
Our fees £210 + VAT £252
Total Cost £416
By Court Order

This procedure is used if assets are to be recovered and the company is then struck off or where the directors filed the relevant form to strike the company off.

Item Cost
Companies House Fees £300
Court Fees £280
Our fees £480 + VAT £576
Total Cost £1156

Contact us today to restore a company.